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Boy impressing girl FAILBoy impressing girl FAIL
Road worker trick failRoad worker trick fail
A tricky technique to put your helmet on with shovel fail.
Worst Twerk Fail EVER - Girl Catches Fire!Worst Twerk Fail EVER - Girl Catches Fire!
I tried making a sexy twerk video for my boyfriend and things got a little too hot :) WOW! Didn\'t expect all this attention. I\'m fine. Just a little embarrassed! THX!
Star Spangled Banner Cymbal Fail -- 2013.05.18 EJH Red & White ConcertStar Spangled Banner Cymbal Fail -- 2013.05.18 EJH Red & White Concert
What should you do if you drop a cymbal? I\'d probably pick it up and keep going. Not this guy...
Double Kick Fail - Breaking Boards Tae Kwon DoDouble Kick Fail - Breaking Boards Tae Kwon Do
Not only does this dude nail his teammate in the stomach, he tries again and lands a perfect kick to his face. He might fail at breaking boards but he gets an A+ at beating up his friends.
Drum solo from a few years back. Performed at the Isabelle Reader Theatre, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Kid vomits after insane drum solo.
Belly Dancer FailBelly Dancer Fail
Belly dancer fail. Poor girl... poor curtain...
Best Fails CompilationBest Fails Compilation
This is a huge funny compilation of funny fails and people getting owned. Kind of old but it's still a great compilation.
Batmanning Epic Fail - Original Version of this videoBatmanning Epic Fail - Original Version of this video
Having let the craze of \"Planking\" pass me by, I wasn\'t going to miss out on Batmanning.
Bird Attacks Cat - Epic FailBird Attacks Cat - Epic Fail
Bird attacks a cat which eventually leads to his epic fail. I have a feeling the bird was defending a near by nest. What do you guys think?
Epic Dance FailEpic Dance Fail
If this were you, you would delete this video from your computer right? Or would you wait for your brother to find it and post it on youtube?
Trampoline Double FailTrampoline Double Fail
The mention of trampoline in a video can only be followed by fail now days. It\'s to be expected. Well this video delivers a little twist at the end.
Thug FailThug Fail
This guy over xbox live was disrespecting me (Black Fraction) so I made him this little video. Unfortunately it had an unexpected ending so I was grounded for a month...
\'Heron\' The Greatest Spelling Bee Epic Win/Fail of All Time\'Heron\' The Greatest Spelling Bee Epic Win/Fail of All Time
Skip to 0:35 for Christopher Ferreria and his spelling bee epicness. Either Christopher is messing with the spelling bee judge or he truly has a hard time understanding the word she is saying, many ti...
Abercrombie & FAILAbercrombie & FAIL
Scott crashes an Abercrombie store.
WGN Morning News Bridge FailWGN Morning News Bridge Fail
A morning shows covered the implosion of a local bridge and things dont really go as planned. Better luck next time guys!
Frozen Canal Crossing FailFrozen Canal Crossing Fail
Trying to cross a frozen canal without testing the thickness of the ice. Good times!
Reporter FAIL - Walks into Post!Reporter FAIL - Walks into Post!
Need to look where you are walking.
Pogo Stick FailPogo Stick Fail
This kid tries to pogo stick jump without his hands... looks like he is in total control initially, but falls short in the end.