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Russian Tampax CommercialRussian Tampax Commercial
In the U.S., tampon ads are usually over-saturated with women in white spinning, horseback riding, and doing yoga. That\'s why people started freaking out upon getting wind of a darker look at tampon...
Odd Old Spice Watermelon CommercialOdd Old Spice Watermelon Commercial
While the fabled isle of Fiji may or may not actually exist, new Fiji Bar Soap from Old Spice definitely does exist, probably at a grocery store or a sports area or somewhere else.
McDonalds Sponge Bob Commercial in JapanMcDonalds Sponge Bob Commercial in Japan
Now this video is really just a McDonalds commercial from Japan, but these kids are acting like they are on crack. What are they putting in the chicken nuggets over there in Japan? Kidnip maybe?
Roof Of Commercial Building Collapses In Easton, Mass.Roof Of Commercial Building Collapses In Easton, Mass.
The roof of a commercial building that houses Triton Technologies has collapsed under the weight of heavy snow. Authorities say the company's employees heard a cracking sound and the sound of met...