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Funny Epic Cats for 20 MinutesFunny Epic Cats for 20 Minutes
The BEST compilation video of cats and kittens doing some really funny things. Epic funny cats for 20 minutes straight.
The cat is planning something evilThe cat is planning something evil
Just evil
Kitten catches the laundry.Kitten catches the laundry.
My cat loves to help with the laundry. Watch till the end... She gets some serious air time!!
Cat Licks Upon Hearing the Sound of TapeCat Licks Upon Hearing the Sound of Tape
Cat has hilarious reflex to the sound of packing tape. She does this every time!
Worst Twerk Fail EVER - Girl Catches Fire!Worst Twerk Fail EVER - Girl Catches Fire!
I tried making a sexy twerk video for my boyfriend and things got a little too hot :) WOW! Didn\'t expect all this attention. I\'m fine. Just a little embarrassed! THX!
Catch the Ice DudeCatch the Ice Dude
This is an epic ice diving jump! Hard to stop laughing.
Synchronized catsSynchronized cats
Hairless cats perform synchronized dancing to a symphony.
Russian SuperKot SuperCatRussian SuperKot SuperCat
Here you have a cat with a silly mask and add some Russian music for effect. It doesn\'t get any more odd...
Cat In The ClassCat In The Class
Cat in the class UPEACE, Costa Rica. University for Peace.
Angry Cobra-CatAngry Cobra-Cat
Can\'t say I have ever seen a cat raise up like this before. Cobra Kitty!
Dog Carries Cat on His BackDog Carries Cat on His Back
A small dog has been filmed carrying a cat into a house on its back.
Cat Attacks Singing CardCat Attacks Singing Card
This is my cat, her name is Lulu. I\'m not sure why but since the day we bought that birthday card she has hated it. This video was shot about 1 1/2 years ago and she still attacks the card to this da...
Cat Pushes a Toy CartCat Pushes a Toy Cart
Hah, not much to say about this video. It\'s a cat and he\'s pushing a cart.
How to catch a kangarooHow to catch a kangaroo
How to catch live kangaroo step by step instructions in case you ever find yourself needing this skill.
2 Days of Cat vs. Automatic Feeder2 Days of Cat vs. Automatic Feeder
These are merely the highlights of a two day feeding binge by Milo. He stole food much more often than was shown here. We have two cats, Milo (tabby) and Max (black). They are one year old brothers fr...
An eagle, a fox and my cat all getting along fine on my porchAn eagle, a fox and my cat all getting along fine on my porch
First of all just let me explain the hot water heater! My hot water heater leaked and flooded my kitchen and so I just went through getting it replaced. We have had so much snow (it\'s melting now) th...
World\'s fattest Cat! Meow, the 40-POUND MoggyWorld\'s fattest Cat! Meow, the 40-POUND Moggy
Worlds fattest cat! Meow, the 40-POUND moggy Now THAT is a fat cat. Meow, the 40-POUND moggy and her fight to lose 10lbs so she can be found a new home Meow can\'t help but waddle. He\'s one super-siz...
Funny Cat ClipsFunny Cat Clips
A collection of funny cats bloopers.
Using A Straw To Catch A Fly Goes WrongUsing A Straw To Catch A Fly Goes Wrong
If there is ever a bad idea, catching a fly with a straw is one of them...
Frog Catches iPhone App BugsFrog Catches iPhone App Bugs
Frog tries to catch some bugs on the iphone.
Cat Alarm ClockCat Alarm Clock
My cat Boo has the terrible habit of messing with the door stop to wake us up early in the morning. He doesn\'t do it because he\'s hungry, he does it because he feels lonely. When he flicks the door ...
Bird Attacks Cat - Epic FailBird Attacks Cat - Epic Fail
Bird attacks a cat which eventually leads to his epic fail. I have a feeling the bird was defending a near by nest. What do you guys think?
Very Angry Cat - FUNNYVery Angry Cat - FUNNY
Screaming hellcat.
Little Brother Lucky Catch for 57 Dollars!Little Brother Lucky Catch for 57 Dollars!
My little brother and I were counting my cash one day so I decided to let him have a little fun. I told him that he can keep whatever money he catches... He caught $57 of MY hard earned cash. Shoulda ...
Cat vs Dog. Dog Afraid of CatCat vs Dog. Dog Afraid of Cat
Cat 1 - Dog 0. Do you get annoyed when little dogs have more bark than bite? This video is funny how the little dog retreats when the cat has enough of him barking...
Cats After AnesthesiaCats After Anesthesia
2 Cats under anesthesia and trying to eat.
Cat Vs. GatorCat Vs. Gator
If I had not seen this video I would not have believed it. A cat dares to take on a gator...
Bert The Cat Vs Cat BalloonBert The Cat Vs Cat Balloon
The orange, 21 pound reason that Carly and Robert can't get a second cat...
Cat Puts On MaskCat Puts On Mask
Cat puts on a mask by himself.
Dubstep Hipster Cat OriginalDubstep Hipster Cat Original
Dubstep Hipster Catstep, Skifcha. Original. Music: Swag Music by sssShawnnnn.
Parrot Tries To Perch on Cat\'s HeadParrot Tries To Perch on Cat\'s Head
Parrot determining whether it can... hmm... sit on cat? Amazingly enough, this cat accepts the perching attempts.
Strange Walking CatStrange Walking Cat
A cat is startled and freakishly walks on 2 legs. I didn't know cats could do that.
Purin the Super Beagle Catches BallPurin the Super Beagle Catches Ball
Purin trying to catch a ball.
Possessed Demon CatPossessed Demon Cat
His eyes glow red and he speaks ewok. I would have to say that fits the qualifications of being possessed... I would stay away from this cat.
Nyan Cat - Can you handle 3.5 minutes? Meow me me meowNyan Cat - Can you handle 3.5 minutes? Meow me me meow
8-bit looking pop-tart / cat flying through space with a rainbow flying out his... I don't know what else to tell you lol. Maybe just share it with someone so you can torture them hehe.
Dog Tries to Catch Traffic with his MouthDog Tries to Catch Traffic with his Mouth
This adorable pup has stuck his head out of the window of a moving car and is trying to grab each and every passing car with his mouth, as if they were balls or frisbees passing by him. © Dog in ...
Cat Loves DolphinCat Loves Dolphin
A cat loves up on a dolphin.
Jimmy the Amazing Cat Gives a Thumbs UpJimmy the Amazing Cat Gives a Thumbs Up
Jimmy is a polydactyl cat. He's probably the laziest cat in the world but he's also super clever and has thumbs. His great and amazing party trick is to give a thumbs up.
Cat Mom Hugs Baby KittenCat Mom Hugs Baby Kitten
Very simple video of a cat and her kitten with over 25 million views in just a week. Wow.
Orville Vliegkat Builds Quad Helicopter With Dead CatOrville Vliegkat Builds Quad Helicopter With Dead Cat
Orville builds a quad heli with his beloved dead cat.
Cat Laser BowlingCat Laser Bowling
A fun new sport that involves cat, laser, towel and a cups. Strike!