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Needle Sized ArtNeedle Sized Art
Very incredible story! Not only is this mans art cool but he got a ton of cash for it!
French Bulldog Fart ScareFrench Bulldog Fart Scare
This French Bulldog is scared of his own farts.
Girl Falls Into Walmart BallpitGirl Falls Into Walmart Ballpit
If you are ever in Wal-Mart, or Target, try hopping into the ball cage!
Elephant crashes the pool partyElephant crashes the pool party
Best chicken fight partner ever. And at least he was polite enough to not knock over the beer. PS, this wasn\'t zoomed it, this was actual distance.
High Jump Over A Golf CartHigh Jump Over A Golf Cart
Witness this amazing golf cart jump.
Walmart Black Friday Fighting Over Phones During 2012Walmart Black Friday Fighting Over Phones During 2012
Walmart Black Friday Fighting Over Phones During 2012. The traditional Thanksgiving shopping frenzy ate into the day itself this year with stores throwing open their doors on Thursday evening. Black F...
Cat Pushes a Toy CartCat Pushes a Toy Cart
Hah, not much to say about this video. It\'s a cat and he\'s pushing a cart.
These Are The People Of Walmart - ParodyThese Are The People Of Walmart - Parody
A hilarious parody by Jessica Frech. Actual people at Wal-Mart.
The Smartest Talking BirdThe Smartest Talking Bird
I have seen birds that can say a few words but this one has them all beat! He can say tons of words and make all kinds of sounds.
Kid Wins Art ContestKid Wins Art Contest
Under the direction of his school\'s art teacher, this kid designs and hand draws a very impressive piece of art to be used all over the city.
Nanaimo Fire Stewart AveNanaimo Fire Stewart Ave
Nanaimo fire, how do you think it got started? Just say no to drugs!
The Rent Is Too Damn High PartyThe Rent Is Too Damn High Party
The Rent Is Too Damn High Party's Jimmy McMillan at the New York governor debate.