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Create A RideCreate A Ride
Here is your chance to design and build your dream car. You can pick the model, color, body style and a whole lot more. You can even change the background music and scene. Go ahead, build your own ...
MS Pacman GameMS Pacman Game
Check out this cool MS Pacman game. From what I can see this is just like the classic arcade game. Old games like this will always be fun to play.
The Gay TestThe Gay Test
Are you GAY? This is a crazy test certain to make some people mad :)
Jewels GameJewels Game
Fun flash game to play. Click to move the jewels. All you have to do is match three jewels and they will disappear. Try to clear the whole board.
Tron Light CyclesTron Light Cycles
Do you remember the movie and video game from the 80's called Tron? This is the part of the game where you drive a light cycle and try to kill your opponent.
Water PlaneWater Plane
Flash game were you play the pilot of a water plane who has to dump water on a fire. You use the arrow keys to control your plane.
Tanks GameTanks Game
A cool tank army game where you battle it out with another tank. You can pick from several types of terrain then try to blast the other tank away.
The Ashes Cricket GameThe Ashes Cricket Game
Most of us have never played the game of cricket before. Here is your chance to see how well you can play cricket.
Sim Taxi 4Sim Taxi 4
In this fun game you play a taxi driver. Pick up passengers and drop them off to earn money. You can use the money to upgrade your taxi.
This is flash file is AWESOME! Tickle this real life woman and she moves, giggles and more! Guys you don't want to miss this sexy girl.
Tornado GameTornado Game
I love this game! You are a tornado and your job is to destroy as much stuff as you can! Keep pressing the Enter key to make your power go up. Use the arrow keys to move around and destroy stuff.
Skateboy Skateboard GameSkateboy Skateboard Game
Try your hand at skateboarding with no risk of injury! This game lets you do all kinds of skateboard tricks and jumps.
Super Fighter GameSuper Fighter Game
Your basic martial arts fighting game. It has a long intro but after that the game is really good. You use the arrow keys to fight and the N and M keys to move.
Classic Pac ManClassic Pac Man
Classic Pac Man is one of the most popular video games of all time! Eat the dots and dodge the ghosts. :)
Reel Gold ChallengeReel Gold Challenge
If you like to play the claw machine they have in stores then you will like this game! You are an old miner who has to snag gold nuggets with a claw and reel them in.
Box Head 2 PlayBox Head 2 Play
Move your character around the screen and fire at the enemies who are attacking you. You can use the barrels and boxes to hide behind.
Skydiver GameSkydiver Game
A game that lets you give skydiving a shot without taking the risk of jumping out of a plane. Collect the small parachutes to get extra lives.
Smugglers GameSmugglers Game
You are a smuggler who is running from the police. You have to be quick with this one because you have a limited amount of time.
Cowboy Bullet GameCowboy Bullet Game
Fun game. Click your mouse on the side of the game screen and the bullet go across at that point. Try to shoot a hole in the coins as they go by.
Hulk Smash UpHulk Smash Up
In this game you play The Incredible Hulk on a rampage. Climb to the top of the buildings and smash your way down. Destroy everything to go to the next level.
Pepsi PinballPepsi Pinball
Pepsi pinball is a cool pinball game that you can play on line. Use the arrow keys to activate your flippers. I think we all know how to play pinball so just go for it!
Cube FieldCube Field
Simple little game to pass the time with. All you have to do is drive through the cube filed without hitting any of the cubes.
Bombay TaxiBombay Taxi
Another fun car parking game. Use the arrow keys to move your car around. Use the space bar for the hand brake. Park the car before you run out of time.
Dune BuggyDune Buggy
Dune Buggy is an awesome game once you get the hang of it. Check out the instructions for the advanced controls.
Battlefield GameBattlefield Game
Cool adventure game. You and your army are trying to rule the world. To do this you must capture the castles. You might want to start out with a battering ram.
Virtual CopVirtual Cop
This game is just like it sounds. You play a virtual cop who has to shoot the bad guys while trying to keep from being shot himself.
Shooting FishShooting Fish
Try your hand at spear fishing without ever leaving the house. Try to get as many fish as you can because you need a certain amount of money to go to the next level.
Cannon Ball GameCannon Ball Game
Fun game! You can play against another person or against the computer. Use your arrow keys to move your cannon up and down. Then press and release the space bar at the desired strength.
Get Bart SimpsonGet Bart Simpson
I thought everyone loved Bart Simpson but I guess the creator of this game is an exception. The object of this game is to kill Bart Simpson.
Eminem ManiaEminem Mania
Eminem has a tight schedule on his world tour and the only way he can make it to the stage on time is with your help. Guide him there but remember to avoid the paparazzi and pick up the platinum reco...
Connect FourConnect Four
Ahhhh the old classic game of connect four! I loved this game when I was a kid and I still love it! This online version allows you to play against an opponent or against the computer.
Submarines GameSubmarines Game
I love this game! You play a submarine captain who has to try to take out the ships as they pass by. Read the quick instructions and start playing.
Hangman - Pig StyleHangman - Pig Style
Play hangman with Stan the pig. This is another really good version of hangman. The farmer wants to eat the pig. And if you miss the word he does!
Ninja Turtles Fight GameNinja Turtles Fight Game
The Ninja Turtles are back in this cool online game! Use the arrow keys and the space bar. Try to defeat all of the evil ninjas.
3D Tanks Army Game3D Tanks Army Game
Here is a fun war game to play. In this game you drive a tank and try to kill all of the enemy tanks before they can kill you. This one is a pretty fun Army Game.
Horse Racing GameHorse Racing Game
Awesome horse racing game! You really have to time everything just right in order to win a race. Be sure to hit the whip button between each jump or the other horses will get ahead of you.
Trap Shoot - Target Practice GameTrap Shoot - Target Practice Game
This is a very well done target practice game. You can shoot at chickens, beer cans or clay pigeons. Press the space bar to pull and click your mouse to shoot.
Star Wars Ship GameStar Wars Ship Game
Simple Star Wars game. Your goal is to blow up all the enemy ships. Press the space bar to fire and use the arrow keys to move your ship.
Fetch N StretchFetch N Stretch
The object of this game is simple. Use the arrow keys to drive the limo around the board. Try to pick up the person who is waiting on you.
FightMan GameFightMan Game
This games proves that stickmen can fight too. You play a stickman who has to fight his way through a group of other stickmen.
Monster Truck CurfewMonster Truck Curfew
Feel the power of a monster truck with this fun flash game. Drive down the city streets crushing the cars that get in your way.
Ninja Fighting GameNinja Fighting Game
In this game you play a ninja who has to fight and defeat the other ninjas. This game is great because you control you fighter by clicking on the screen. Very cool once you get the hang of it.
Magic FingersMagic Fingers
So you think you can give a good massage? Here is your chance to see how good you really are. Try your hand at this virtual massage game.
Sniper School Shooting GameSniper School Shooting Game
This is one of the best shooting games I have ever seen! You can choose between three different types of targets. The graphics are really well done and it has a sort of futuristic look to it.
Yellow Out GameYellow Out Game
Yellow Out is one of those car parking games where you try to get a car out of the parking lot. Move the other vehicles so you can drive out.
Flying Kiss GameFlying Kiss Game
Try to get a kiss to your special guy or girl. Click your mouse to make the kiss fly and let go to drop it down.
Downhill Snowboard Game 2Downhill Snowboard Game 2
If you enjoyed the first downhill snowboard game then you will like this one too. It seems to be a bit better than the original.
President Bush Royal Rampage Game 2President Bush Royal Rampage Game 2
Play the part of President George W. Bush and The Queen and fight back against the bad guys. This game setting is in England. Fun shootem up game.
Trap The CatTrap The Cat
This game is super fun. Your object is to keep the cat from escaping from the screen. Click the green dots to stop him. It takes some brains to beat this one.
Super SixersSuper Sixers
Step right up and try your hand at the game of cricket. Try to hit the ball as far as you can to score more points.
Totally Spies DressupTotally Spies Dressup
OK, here is a little game for the girls out there. You have to dress the ladies up in the right outfit for each mission.
Bust A TaxiBust A Taxi
Drive your taxi cab down the road as fast as you can. Take out the trash cans to get extra points. Good luck!
Connect Two GameConnect Two Game
Simple and fun flash game. All you have to do is click on two matching pictures to make them disappear. The object is to try to clear the whole board.
Enemy Lines GameEnemy Lines Game
Pretty cool shoot em' up game! Click instructions to see all the different weapons you can use to kill your enemies.
Rush Hour GameRush Hour Game
Move the vehicles around in the parking lot to make a way out for the yellow car. Starts out easy and gets harder as you go along.
The Apple ShooterThe Apple Shooter
I love this game! Your goal is to shoot the apple off the guys head without killing him! This is a lot of fun.
Unfair MarioUnfair Mario
If you think you are good at Mario Bros. just give this one a try. They don't call it "Unfair Mario" for no reason. If you play this game it will probably make you mad like it did me. :...
The Bill Cosby GameThe Bill Cosby Game
This game is pretty funny. In this one Bill Cosby has run out of money and you must try to sell people who pass by Jello Pudding or hit them with a Kodak camera.
Quick Draw Shoot OutQuick Draw Shoot Out
Are you the fastest gun in the west? Give this game a try and you will find out. Just shoot the other guy before he shoots you.
Dare Devil GameDare Devil Game
Super fun motorcycle game! Hit the ramps going fast and do a trick while you are in the air to get points. Good luck!
Snowline GameSnowline Game
This game is actually very fun. Help Santa find all the presents by drawing lines that will guide him to the finish line when you click the play button.
Bike Mania 1Bike Mania 1
Awesome game! Ride your dirt bike through the course without crashing. It might take a little time to get the hang of the controls.
Diesel And DeathDiesel And Death
Fun motorcycle race game. In this game you race motor bikes across a junk yard. Finish first or destroy your opponent to win.
Extreme TrucksExtreme Trucks
Nicely done monster truck game. Use the arrow keys to drive your big truck through the course. This is tons of fun once you get the hang of it.
Show Jumping GameShow Jumping Game
Show jumping is a form of competition where horses are jumped over a course of fences, low walls and other obstacles. See if you can make through in the time allowed.
Homers Beer RunHomers Beer Run
In this fun little game you play Homer Simpson and try to get all the beer you can without getting killed by the flaming kegs of Duff Beer. Use your arrow keys to control Homer.
Great Bowling GameGreat Bowling Game
There are a lot of bowling games out there but one this is really nice. Give it a shot and see if you can bowl a strike.
Miss MalfunctionMiss Malfunction
Cool game! As the models walk down the catwalk they might have a slip up and show a little more than just their clothes. Try to snap a picture of them if you can!
Raft WarsRaft Wars
This game has nicely done graphics and sounds. You basically try to sink the pirates ship before they can hit you.
Wheelers Motorcycle Racing GameWheelers Motorcycle Racing Game
At first it is very hard to control these motorcycles with your arrow keys. But once you learn how this game is really run.
Online Bowling GameOnline Bowling Game
Terrific bowling game! The graphics and sounds are very well done. Its feels just like you are at your local bowling alley.
Archery SimulationArchery Simulation
Try your hand at shooting a bow and arrow. See if you can get a bullseye. It takes a little while to get the hang of it. Press the D key on the keyboard to fire your arrow.
Max Dirt BikeMax Dirt Bike
Here is your chance to ride a dirt bike. See how many sweet jumps and tricks you can do. Don't wipe out!
Death RowDeath Row
Your job is to reform a prisoner who is on death row and save his life. The faster the can get him pardoned the higher your score will be.
Fleabag VS MuttFleabag VS Mutt
In this game a dog and a cat fight it out by throwing stuff at each other. Click on the character and release your mouse button when you are ready to throw.
Skidoo Racing GameSkidoo Racing Game
Race your snowmobile around the track trying to get the best possible time. If you are any good post your best time here.
The Bowman GameThe Bowman Game
The object of this game is simple. Try to kill the other guy with a bow and arrow before he is able to kill you. Good luck!
Cat SlingshotCat Slingshot
This game is awesome! Try to beam the cats with a slingshot as the cross the screen! Go ahead, see how many you can hit.
Break It GameBreak It Game
Break it is a great game! It is similar to the old classic break out but this one is much better. You can control how fast the ball bounces by hard you hit it. You can also catch extra points as th...
Downhill Snowboard GameDownhill Snowboard Game
Awesome snowboard game! Use the arrow keys to control your character. The physics of this game are what makes is good.
Simon ClassicSimon Classic
Just like the classic game you loved as a kid. Try to repeat what Simon does. It is easy at first but it gets harder as the game goes on.
Pointless GamePointless Game
The creators of this game say it is pointless but it is actually a pretty fun game! You use the arrow keys to move around and the space bar to jump. Collect the gold coins and watch out for the bad ...
Trampoline TricksTrampoline Tricks
Go virtual trampoline jumping with this cool flash game. You can select which type of trick you want to do from the list on the right hand side.
Air War GameAir War Game
The object of this game is simple. Try to shoot the helicopters, missiles etc before they can fly off of the screen. You need to get 1000 points to continue.
Play Battleship OnlinePlay Battleship Online
This game is so fun we had to bring it back! An online version of the classic battleship game that we all played as kids. I could play this game for hours on end.
Rodeo - Bull RidingRodeo - Bull Riding
Try bull riding the safe way! Do it online. You get 3 trys to ride this raging bull.
Ryder Cup Golf GameRyder Cup Golf Game
Here is a game for all you golfers out there. This is your chance to play in the Ryder Cup! The graphics and sound are great in this online golf game. It feels like you are really out on the golf c...
Mini RacerMini Racer
Race your mini car around the track and try to get the best time you can. I must warn you it is very hard to control your car with the arrow keys.
Kwik ShotKwik Shot
You must hit a certain number of targets in order to continue on to the next level. Good target practice game.
Boat Race GameBoat Race Game
Fun boat race game. See how fast you can make it through the course. Be careful not to hit any of the buoys or you will have to start over.
Ball Trap GameBall Trap Game
Ok, this game is like one called Demon Balls that was posted here a long time ago. The object is to get all of the balls on their own side according to color.
Alphattack Typing GameAlphattack Typing Game
I love this game! It is super fun! All you have to do is type the letter that is on each bomb before that bomb hits the ground. I beat the game on the highest level with no problem.
BMX Park GameBMX Park Game
Awesome game where you ride a bike through a bmx park doing as many cool tricks as you can! This is fun because you can try cool bike tricks without the fear of getting hurt! :)
Parking Zone GameParking Zone Game
The object of this game is to drive each car to the parking zone of the same color. You click on a car to make it cross the bridge to the parking zone.
Dune Bashing In DubaiDune Bashing In Dubai
In this fun online game you get to have some fun in a dune buggy. The object of the game is to complete all of the stages in a short amount of time.
Dungeon BallDungeon Ball
See how many points you can get in this easy flash game. Use the space bar to jump and the arrow keys to move side to side.
The GunSmith GameThe GunSmith Game
Fun Game! This game is easy enough. You just take your character through the game killing all the bad guys and trying to stay out of harm's way.
Dolphin OlympicsDolphin Olympics
Super fun game. Once you get the hang of controlling your dolphin this game can be a lot of fun. Make your dolphin do as many tricks as you can.
Escape The PrisonEscape The Prison
Fun little game! You have to try to get by a guard in order to get to the door to the next level. Try to see if you can make it all the way out of the prison.
Fruit Smash 2Fruit Smash 2
This version of Fruit Smash is almost just like the first one. You have to match up three pieces of fruit in order to score.